post music: nieve & soulchef - home (feat. ine)

Recently I rolled out a new version of It was a roughly week-long project with a few inspirations.

The interface is inspired by the UI introduced with the development version of osu!. I really liked the style of this interface, so I took a spin of my own on it. It turned out well, in my opinion.

I added sounds from Kirby Air Ride's menu. There wasn't any reason for it, but it adds quite a bit of character to the page that otherwise just wouldn't be there.

The archive got merged into the main page. is now a single page proper. Not really optimal in terms of network usage and loading absolutely everything in the main site, but I don't think anybody with a decent machine will notice.

The only problem I've run in to and I don't think that many people will notice is that everything is sized based on a ratio of the width of the render window. While that means that everything scales up perfectly, it also means that the entire site looks comically small on mobile and portrait displays and comically flat on ultrawide displays. Probably can't fix it without having some tricks and honestly, doesn't bother me all that much.

And there's a couple of easter eggs laying around. Try and find them (without looking at the page source, you filthy cheater!).

Until next.