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First post on the new DBA, huh? Let's see what I got.

A while back I had restructured how Ghetto Lab existed, putting to rest both of my rack servers in favour of smaller, less power-hungry machines in an effort to save money in power costs. One of these moves involved pulling the SAS disks out of the PowerEdge 2950 (the star of poweredge crusade 3) and putting them.... somewhere.

Bigger Box had some spare expansion, and while I originally tried to pull and use the iDRAC card installed, that didn't work out too well. What did, though, was the PERC 6/i. Kinda. It is thouroughly documented of a small issue with using this card in a system that wasn't a PowerEdge; that the card has a slightly incompatible SMBus implementation and breaks memory. I originally thought the RAM was dead. Turns out you just tape over two pins on the card and it magically works.

Now, I have four disks here. Four more disks are already installed in Bigger Box, and there's no more SATA power leads on my power supply (which my SAS cables required to power the disks). Furthermore, Bigger Box was already pretty full of stuff; as there were, along with the four disks, two graphics cards, extra fans for cooling, and enough cables to power the whole lab.

Indeed, I pulled over a case I gutted a long time ago and with the chassis pieces and an extra jumpered power supply I ran the SAS cables out of Bigger Box into this second case where I plug in the four SAS disks in. So, Bigger Box is now two boxes, and I have plenty of storage.

No seriously, get a look of this. It's absolutely extra and I love it.