Full disclosure: this is going to get pretty meta pretty quickly.

So I was working on the final project for web development--this site, to be exact--and I was very finished with it. I was about to publish it in procrastination time like I always did, but something happened...

The boys told me that my site lmao.rip is down. But it's not down I just checked it.

Checked it again. Still up? But apparently it's not. So I checked a third time.... Connection refused.

Well shit. What do I do now? Of course I was taught to troubleshoot it! And I did, and found out that Middle Router--a WRT54G--was actively refusing connections. Which is weird because I disabled all the firewall nonsense and enabled DMZ to Back Router. Also the web interface for it wasn't working. So I reset it.

It starts working again. For a few minutes. And then it died again. Okay. No problem. I'll just throw it up on a different server and redirect it. This'll be fine....

IT'S NOT FINE! I go to FreeDNS to reconfigure a few things, and I can't log in. The e-mail was busted. So I sent two e-mails out: one to the FreeDNS admin, and one to my instructor.

Fast forward a bit, and I get a switch from my source kelvinpw, as part of the package with the server featured in The PowerEdge Crusade. This is great for me, since now I can just remove Middle Router from the equation altogether! And Josh (the FreeDNS guy) got back to me with the reset, so it was a success to get the project done, albeit as late as it was. If it wasn't for the allowance to submit late, this site wouldn't have existed to begin with, and it'd be lost in the depths of the internet.